Calyco Travel - Let Our Experience Guide You

To travel is to live. - Hans Christian Andersen

When I started in the travel industry, it was a natural progression.  Growing up, my family traveled frequently, and that love was passed down to me.  I've been blessed to travel quite frequently with my friends and family over the years and have visited countless destinations and have many more on my bucket list!

My vision for this agency is to continue doing exactly what we are doing; travel and bring those experiences and recommendations back to our clients.  Let our experience guide you as you make your own memories and develop your own passion for traveling.


Agents who travel 3-4 times a year each.

No agency fees and competitive pricing.

Deposits starting at $200 per person.




Whether you are traveling with your best friend, planning your honeymoon or vacationing with other couples, having someone to guide you is never a bad idea.  With over 10 years in the industry, you'll quickly discover that our expertise makes all the difference in planning your honeymoon, destination wedding, or perfect getaway..

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Does everyone passing through the kitchen within the same hour count as eating dinner together?  We get together with our extended family on holidays and I keep up with their Facebook page.  That counts, right?  Why should your family (and even your extended family) travel together?  Reason #1 - uninterrupted time.  We probably don't need to go on . . .

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